Wilderness or Biospheres?

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What is with all the hurricanes?

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What’s with all the Hurricanes?

On August 25th, Hurricane Harvey barreled through Texas, wreaking havoc and destruction. Now, Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest hurricanes on record, devastated the Caribbean and is threatening south Florida. Tropical Storm Jose trails behind Irma in the mid-atlantic and Hurricane Katia is now threatening eastern Mexico. Hurricane experts say…

Living on Lead

The West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, Indiana was home to nearly 1,200 people, including 700 children, before residents were told to evacuate due to toxic levels of lead and arsenic in the soil. Residents first started noticing workers spreading mulch over bare spots of soil on their lawn.…

Orcas in Captivity

The last killer whale (otherwise known as orca) bred in captivity under Seaworld’s controversial breeding program died this past Monday at the company’s park in San Antonio. Kyara, a three month old orca-calf, was born in April and was being treated by veterinarians for an infection but her health dramatically…
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