Chile Wildfires Will Impact Ecosystems

Chile Wildfires Will Impact Ecosystems

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Photo by Pablo Sanhueza at Reuters TV. Retrieved from NYTimes

The worst wildfire to impact Chile in over five decades is affecting the areas in central-south Chile right now. Prolonged drought and high temperatures have kept the forest fire going since November. Though only recently has the fire been spreading twice as much every day and out of control.

The Russian government and the United States have offered their help to Chile with a supertanker that can hold up to 42 tons of water. 700,000 acres, about the size of Yosemite National Park, so far have been destroyed as well as over ten people killed, unfortunately, many were mainly firefighters and police officers. 

Investigators have found that the cause of the fire was intentionally lit by at least 10 people who are now in custody and will face up to 20 years in prison. As for the wildlife in the area, it will dramatically change the ecosystem. The carcasses of the dead animals are so widespread that heavy machinery was deployed to clean up.

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