A 9 Year Old Girl Paints in an Effort to Raise Money for Endangered Animals

It is empowering to see young talent at work. Nine-year-old Bria Neff paints in an effort to raise money for endangered animals and awareness. Bria is extremely passionate about sharing our world with all its inhabitants and her paintings are truly making a difference. In an UpWorthy video, Bria speaks about her efforts and mission.

A representative from the Internation Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Mark Hofberg recently visited Bria’s art exhibit in South Dakota. In an article posted by IFAW, Hofberg had to say, “When you study some of the species IFAW works to protect, you study data that often documents the human-based reasons for myriad species’ decline. It is great to meet someone who with tremendous creativity, talent and ingenuity is doing something to help, she is not only donating to IFAW’s conservation mission, she is raising awareness about endangered species on so many levels.”

See Bria’s paintings here and read more about the young innovator, Bria Neff!

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Written by Mariesa Outridge

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