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The purpose of Connect 2 Conserve is to invite discussion about the impact of wildlife conservation efforts worldwide, especially as they are connected in relation to a geospatial and geographical context. The American Geographical Society (AGS) is working to bring awareness to the most vulnerable populations, lands, species, wildlife, and communities and determine how and why they are being affected. What makes this page unique is the underlying theme of identifying various elements, such as climate change and terrorism, and drawing connections between their roles and influences on the environment, wildlife and local populations across the globe.

Connect 2 Conserve is thinking outside the box to establish less than obvious relationships. For example, how is poaching funding and driving terrorism? Would behavior changes that reduce the demand for illegal wildlife products help stop wildlife trafficking? Or what is the link between climate change, habitat destruction, loss of wildlife, and economic prosperity within communities?

Right now, Connect 2 Conserve features one section that opens the discussion of topics and events related to conservation. The Making Connections Blog is dedicated to putting pieces together and starting a conversation to determine the implications of various factors. We draw on current, past, and ongoing events along with groups of people to infer how they might be driving trafficking, poaching, deforestation, species loss, and more. Then we ask, how does this affect wildlife conservation efforts and what can we do to address these issues?

Join the Conversation!  We invite you to join our discussion and leave comments on the articles and short pieces that we post and to share this information with friends, family, and colleagues so that we keep the conversation going and spread the awareness about wildlife conservation.


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