An AI Solution for Illegal Fishing

An AI Solution for Illegal Fishing

Illegal fishing has been a problem for a very long time, and now people have turned to the latest technologies, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), to help solve the problem. By using a GPS and a facial recognition software with a large database, police will be able to track a boat’s movement in the water and identify whether the boat’s haul includes endangered and protected fish.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) launched a contest on Kaggle, a crowdsourcing site based in San Francisco, that will award the winning team who successfully writes a software that identifies specific fish species. This software will document each catch and flag each protected fish that is hauled in. With this method, TNC predicts that the review time (that is used to inspect fish) will be cut by 40% and increase monitoring on a boat.

“If using facial recognition software to track fish were easy, we’d already be using it,” Matthew Merrifield, TNC’s chief technology officer states. The database will take time to create, but will prove beneficial.

How else can we utilize technology to protect wildlife species? Read more about how AI can help fight against illegal fishing here.

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