Budweiser Moves to Renewables

Budweiser Moves to Renewables

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the corporation responsible for Budweiser, America’s “King of Beers” announced that they plan to run  on 100% renewable energy by 2025.  While they are working toward their sustainability goal, the company also announced that their beers are brewed with 100% wind energy, a great milestone they will celebrate with a Super Bowl commercial highlighting their commitment to the planet.   Additionally, they have ordered 240 Tesla trucks to deliver their widely popular beer nationwide- cutting back greatly on gas emissions.

In addition to conserving precious natural resources, Budweiser’s commitment to renewable energy serves as an example of the power that large corporations can yield over our changing planet- this time, towards a more positive note! As more and more companies begin to accept that the supply of bare-boned resources (oil, water, trees, etc.) which go into creating their lucrative products is being compromised by consumption, they will begin to reconsider their production model and think of ways to cut back on unnecessary resources or even use resources which are constantly renewing, such as wind!  (Hint: fresh water is not always renewed.)   Large corporations have the ability to act as a buffer against dwindling environmental protections once they commit to saving the planet.



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