Fernandina Tortoise Thought to be Extinct Spotted in Galapagos

Fernandina Tortoise Thought to be Extinct Spotted in Galapagos

From The Guardian, Photograph: Rodrigo BuendĂ­a/AFP/Getty Images

A tortoise that was last seen in 1906 has been spotted in the Galapagos Islands. A female on Fernandina island, which was thought to be extinct for 100 years, came meandering along as the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI) was on an expedition. This Fernandina Giant Tortoise is over 100 years old and on the critically endangered list with thirteen other Galapagos Tortoises.

Now that she has been found, scientists are excited about the potential for spotting others, as well as breeding. Evidence such as scat and track sightings points to more tortoises being alive in the area. With these findings comes an increase in spirit and determination; scientists have drawn up new plans to search for more of the species. The female has been transferred to a breeding center on the island of Santa Cruz to see if she has potentially stored male sperm, a common practice among the species.

Sources: CBC, The Guardian, CNN, Galapagos Conservancy

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