“Geography Teachers Top of Boko Haram’s Hit List”

“Geography Teachers Top of Boko Haram’s Hit List”


A recent article by the New Zealand Herald reported that Nigeria’s geography teachers are among the most threatened people in the country. These assassination threats come from Boko Haram, the terrorist group already well-known for their interference with the education system in the country.  Both geography and science educators teach that the earth is spherical, which conflicts with Boko Haram’s belief that the earth is a flat surface. 

The threats to geographers are outlined in an extensive new report by Human Rights Watch, which lays bare the devastating impact wreaked by Boko Haram on Nigeria’s school system.  It says that a total of 600 school staff have been murdered by Boko Haram since 2009, and that 19,000 have quit their jobs due to threats and attacks” (Freeman, NZHerald).

Boko Haram has already been linked to illegal wildlife poaching in the area.  The group funds their efforts through the sale of illegal products, such as ivory from elephants and rhinoceroses.  

Read the full article here: Geography Teachers Top of Boko Haram’s Hit List

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