Migratory Birds are in Danger in Lebanon

Migratory Birds are in Danger in Lebanon

Around 2.1 billion migratory birds move between Europe and Africa each year. Lebanon is a particularly special area as it has around 30 bottleneck regions, areas where migratory birds have to pass through. Poachers take advantage of this situation and set up illegal hunting materials, like nets, to capture small birds. Whether poachers are hunting for sport or selling them for a small profit, several species of migratory birds are rapidly declining and becoming endangered. Since Lebanon is in a location where there is frequent news of suicide bombs, protecting birds from poachers is not a top priority for the police. While there are laws in place, these laws are not strictly enforced.

Back in 2017, Lebanon’s President, Michel Aoun, did condemn the killing of birds and pleaded for a “peace treaty” to occur between man and nature. Because illegal hunting is a big issue, President Aoun asked for a hunting season, and the Minister of the Environment, Tarek Khatib, set one up for 2017, lasting from September to December.

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