New Approach In Saving Desert Tortoises From Extinction

New Approach In Saving Desert Tortoises From Extinction

(Source: CNN)

Desert Tortoises have been experiencing a rapid decline in numbers, as much as 32% in the span of 10 years between 2004 and 2014. Desert Tourist Biologist Tim Shields has been working to promote the awareness and conservation of this species. He is developing a game that utilizes small rovers. Users from around the world can remotely operate the vehicles.  Dr. Shields plans are to use the rovers as a way to monitor the species as well as to deter predators.  The biggest predator to the desert tortoise is ravens that prey on the juvenile tortoises.  Dr. Shields hopes that people will join him in his cause to protect these animals with this new and interactive approach.

The question we pose to you is, do you think this new concept is beneficial to the species and what other factors you think play a role in the rapid decline of the species?

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