The Overrun of Deer

The Overrun of Deer

As recently as 2008, there were only a herd of about 24 deer in Staten Island. Since, it is hypothesized deer have swum in from New Jersey and are finding the resources they need to survive inside of the forests of Staten Island. But, this is only in the borough of Staten Island! Deer populations in the United States are a hot topic among governmental agencies and environmentalists who are working to determine a solution to the continuously growing issue. It is a continuous one because the deer have no predators and therefore there is no natural way to balance their populations, so they boom. Furthermore, it is illegal to hunt down the deer. Resulting in deer that have no predators and are not afraid of humans so they wander anywhere they please.

Want to learn more about deer overpopulation? Try reading this in-depth blog post written by a resident of the suburbs of the Northeastern US, an area likely to have trouble with deer.

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