The World’s Most Sustainable Building

The World’s Most Sustainable Building

In order to combat the increasing threat of climate change, certain companies have now begun to operate in more sustainable ways. Rhenus Netherlands has joined this cause and now owns the world’s most sustainable building, NewLogic III, in the Dutch city of Tilburg. The building received a score of 98.4%, the highest rating ever given to an industrial building by British sustainability assessors BREAAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), who have analyzed the “green credentials” of more than 500,000 buildings in over 70 countries. 

The building, nicknamed “The Tube” due to its cylindrical shape, is equipped with more than 13,000 solar panels. It produces enough energy to power around 750 households annually in addition to its own operations. NewLogic III is entirely airtight, which prevents any heat from escaping during the winter, and the roof also has two large pumps that absorb heat from the air outside to warm the inside of the building. Electric boilers are present, keeping the building warm on days with significant temperature drops, but the company estimates that they are only used on ten days every year. The building has several large glass windows to facilitate the entrance of sunlight, which has reduced electricity usage by 70%. The toilets also use rainwater collected on the roof for flushing. It has dimmed LED lighting as well as charging stations for electric vehicles that monitor CO2 concentration and water consumption.

NewLogic III shows how sustainable designs can be implemented to prevent further environmental damage, one building at a time.  

Written By: Ligia Clara

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